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Your instructor's arrival time will depend on a few factors, such as:

- number of guests

- parking

Please ensure the tables and chairs are set up, and covered (as you see fit) prior to your instructor arriving.

(See Tip #6 for space needed.)

Set Up takes about:

- 45 min to 1 hr for small parties (up to 15 people)

- 1 to 1-1/4 hrs for medium parties (20-35 people)

- 1-3/4 hrs for large parties (40 people or more)

Clean Up takes about:

- 30 minutes for small parties

- 45 minutes for medium parties

- 1 hr or more for large parties

Set Up and Clean Up times must be factored in when reserving or renting space for your paint party.

Party planning is key to preparing and achieving a successful paint party in your business, church, community center, favorite restaurant, or at another type of public venues. Your guests will appreciate your efforts, as host, and remember the great time they had at your party for years to come!

Below are paint party tips that will help a party host throw a successful paint party.

Tip # 1 – Pick Your Party Date:

Planning at least 1 month in advance will give you a greater chance of securing your desired date and time. Be sure to secure your paint party date with Paint Palooza prior to sending out invitations.

Tip #2 – Pick the Right Painting:

Canvas Size Matters – Adult party canvas size is 16″ x 20″. If you are hosting a kid’s paint party (especially younger children), you may want to select an 11″ x 14″ canvas for your party.

Kid party – Pick a painting that all guests can complete, based on the age & number of the guests, etc. We will provide painting instruction for kids ages 6 and up. Each child under the age of 6 yrs old, must be accompanied by an adult to assist them with instruction and painting. If you would like, we can consult with you on your painting selection. Most parties for younger painters will require pre-sketching. Prepayment may be required for pre-sketched parties. (Note: Additional charges will apply for children under age 6 who are not accompanied by an adult. Advance arrangements must be made when setting up the party.) Painting selection should be based on painters' ages.

Adult party – Relaxed is great, however, we would like your guests to love their painting! If wine or other alcoholic beverages will be served before and/or during the painting time and to ensure your guests can follow the instructions, you may consider limiting alcohol consumption until the painting is complete.

Large Parties* – The painting options are limited for large parties (over 40 painters) to obtain a better painter level of satisfaction.


1. Parties of 60+ may require a micro phone and stage, depending on the size of the venue.

2. We currently have a party limitation of 75 painters. If you would like a party larger than 75 painters, planning will require 2 months lead time, after your 50% prepayment is received. Another option is to split the painters into 2 parties. Keep in mind there will be clean up and set up time required between parties.

Tip #3 – Securing RSVPs:

Since everyone is so busy these days, especially during the warmer months, sometimes it can be difficult to gain a firm commitment from individuals, couples, or groups you invite. Communication is Key to securing their commitment. It is recommended that you use verbiage like one of the following:

- To ensure we have enough painting supplies, please accept this invite by (your RSVP By Date).

- To ensure we have enough painting spaces set up, please provide RSVP by (include your RSVP Date).

Tip #4 – Lighting:

It is important that all guests can see their canvas. Lighting is best above or behind the painters so the light does not blind the guests and so they can easily see their own canvas as well as the artist’s instruction. It is important that all guests can easily see their canvas clearly. Lighting is best above or behind the painters, but not shining in other painters’ eyes so the light does not blind the guests and so they can easily see their own canvas as well as the artist’s instruction.

Tip #6 – Allow for Space and Conditions:

***COVID RESTRICTION POLICY --- Due to the Public Health Concerns, we will not accommodate paint parties at homes (inside or outside), to reduce health risks to our instructors and customers. ***

Past experiences have deemed outside venues not conducive for paint parties. Instructors must be able to perform in an environment as to not endanger their health or ability to instruct paintings. The below are conditions which need to be met to host a successful paint party:

- Temperature must be between 65 & 75 degrees and not be in direct sunlight

- Fans must be on a low setting and must not blow a canvas or paint water cup over.

- Painting Area must be protected from winds. It is difficult to paint when painters have to hold on to their canvas or paint supplies as they paint.

- Venues that have an outdoor area which may qualify based on the above temperature, wind, and lighting qualifications, please email a link to the venues’ pictures or email your pictures directly to info@paintpalooza.com so we can review the venue and advise if it qualifies before you sign a contract.

Painter’s Space:

You should allow enough space per table for your canvas + water cup, more room if food will be available during the painting time so painters are comfortable. Easy access between tables is often overlooked. Here’s a general guide to help with planning your table spacing for comfort, when selecting a landscape style painting selection:

- 11×14 canvas = leave approximately 20″ to 22″ space

- 16×20 canvas = leave approximately 26″ to 28″ space

- Minimum of 30″ between tables – you can also alternate spacing of painters to allow for more room.

- A lessor amount of space is needed for portrait style painting selection

Try to avoid placing painters with their backs to the instructor, if possible. If room allows, painters may be placed at the end of a table, facing the instructor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cancellation fees will apply to parties cancelled due to inclement weather where ample notice has not been given or party preparation has taken place. Please refer to your Cancellation Policy in your paint party contract.

Instructor’s Space:

Allow a 6’ x 6′ area for the instructor to paint and instruct in front of the guests. A small table for the instructor to place the paints on will be helpful and appreciated.

Tip #7 – Guests Arrival Time:

Guests are often late to a party. This creates a challenge for the instructor. If the instruction start time is delayed, it may affect the instruction completion time and may result in additional costs, see “Pricing”. To avoid a delay, it is recommended that invitations include an earlier time of arrival or earlier instruction start time on the party invitation, i.e. 15 or 30 minutes. You may also elect to mention something like: “Instruction time will begin at 1:00P. Please arrive early to ensure you are ready to paint and don’t miss out on the instruction.”

Tip #8 – Instruction Start Time:

To ensure your art instruction starts and ends on time, communicate with the instructor to determine expectation.

Tip #9 – End time:

Tip #10 – Day of the Party:

*Click HERE to view our COVID Restriction**

Tip #5 – Set Up and Clean Up:

Some Guests are unaware of the length of time painting instructions take and make plans to attend other events after your party ends. If you communicate a party end time, you may want to communicate that it is an 'estimated' end time. Depending on the painting selection, the painting instruction time may last between 1-1/2 hrs to 2-1/4 hrs.

Before your instructor arrives, please ensure:

  • Payment is ready to present to the instructor so the instructor can set up for the number of expected painters.

  • Your instructor has instructions on how to enter any gated community or special instructions to reach the party location, i.e. nearby parking, etc.

  • The tables and chairs are set up, covered (as desired), and ready for when your instructor arrives.

  • Your guests have a place to talk or hang our away from the painting tables while the instructor is setting up so the instructor can easily access the painters' stations, water access, and the area where the instructor will instruct.