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3/15/2020 Update on Paint Palooza paint parties:

While we believe paint parties are a great way to celebrate most every occasion, the health and wellness of our customers, artist instructors, and public are our highest priority. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Paint Palooza has already suspended private & public paint parties until further notice.  

We vigilantly follow the national health warnings and advisories. We will update our Home page and Facebook page when we believe it is safe to our community to resume our paint parties.  Please heed to our national and local advisories to stay safe and healthy. The United States of America will survive this silent and deadly virus! To All Health Care and Essential Workers… Thank you for ALL THAT YOU DO to help us stay safe and healthy!

God Bless Each and Every One of You!




Paint Palooza has several venues that have agreed to allow paint parties in their business. Most common venues are a restaurant or bar. This option is usually when you either don’t have

1) a location large enough to host a private paint party


2) enough painters to meet the minimum number of painters for a private paint party.


How A Public Paint Party on Demand Works

Once a Public Paint Party request is received and the requester is ready to secure a party with 4 paid painters, Paint Palooza will check with the desired venue to confirm the party event date.

Once the party event date is secured, Paint Palooza will contact the requester to confirm the date and take payment for 4 (Four) Painters.

Certain Conditions or Restrictions apply for this party option:


1. Requester must prepay for a minimum of 4 painters. Paint Palooza will advise the requester of the date this payment is due. Cash or Credit/Debit Card options are available for payment. Additional Processing fees are added to Credit/Debit Card payments and/or refunds.

2. Parties require 30 days advance confirmation so we can post the event for the public.

3. The party date and time is determined by the party venue. We will ask for a specific date and time for the party to be scheduled, however, there is no guarantee and is based on the venue’s requirements.

4. Seats are on a first come basis, no reservations, however, one person can hold up to 4 prepaid seats.


1. Public painting options are selected solely by Paint Palooza, unlike private party painting selections. If you would like to select a painting to be instructed, you will need to select the private party option.

2. Paint Palooza does not guarantee a specific room rental within the venue.

3. Party will be canceled if 10 painters are not prepaid before 10 calendar days prior to the party date. Refunds will be granted within 48 hrs. Refunds will only be returned to the original card.  

4. No Refund will be offered for No Shows or cancellations less than 10 calendar days prior to the party date, unless party date is changed by the venue or by Paint Palooza.

5. Private Party coupons are not valid for public party events.  

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